BoVi HR – Unlimited Timeclock Devices | Leave Management | Scheduling

BoVi HR – Unlimited Timeclock Devices | Leave Management | Scheduling

Introducing BoVi HR – the next generation Time and Attendance Tracker with integrated HR capabilities. Streamline workforce management, ensure authenticity with facial recognition, and customize to fit your local payroll system. The future of HR is here!



BoVi HR is the holistic solution to modern HR management. Offering an array of features that are powerful yet user-friendly, it promises to revolutionize how you handle your workforce. Key features include:

  1. Unlimited Timeclocks: Set up as many as you need without any added costs, utilizing any Android device.
  2. Versatile Reporting: Sort and categorize data with unlimited reporting departments for precise analytics.
  3. Facial Recognition with Liveness: Ensure genuine employee check-ins and reduce the risk of fraudulent punches.
  4. Efficient Delegation: Allow others to step in and approve leaves or timecards even in your absence.
  5. Overtime Management: Navigate overtime with ease and ensure employees are compensated fairly.
  6. Comprehensive Leave Management: Customize leave types, manage entitlements, rollovers, and even vacation payouts.
  7. Dynamic Scheduling: Get a clear overview of labor costs per employee and week. Shift schedules effortlessly with a drag and drop feature.

Equip your business with BoVi HR – where efficiency meets innovation.

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