We're Your Partner in Your Success

In an era where digital capability is synonymous with business success, BackOffice Vi stands as a beacon of digital mastery. Born from the realization that robust digital services can propel businesses to unprecedented heights, we established ourselves as your premier digital service partner.

At the helm is Phillip Fahie, our Founder and Director, whose zeal for health, technology, and the prosperity of others shapes our mission. Phillip’s vision of fostering local tech talent and supporting entrepreneurial spirits has been the cornerstone of our ethos. His background as a Business Lecturer has imbued him with insights that enrich our approach to service and innovation.

The lifeblood of BackOffice Vi is our dedicated team, including two full-time developers, a part-time assistant, and a creative graphic designer, all committed to turning your concepts into reality.

Our guiding principle is the timeless Golden Rule: to serve our clients with the same respect, dedication, and excellence we expect from others. This is the foundation upon which we build not just digital solutions, but lasting relationships.

Welcome to BackOffice Vi – where your digital journey accelerates.