BoVi CRM – Redefining Customer Relationship Management

BoVi CRM – Redefining Customer Relationship Management


BoVi CRM: A self-hosted, modern Customer Relationship Management software tailored for businesses, freelancers, and varied uses. Enhance professionalism, streamline operations, and boost business performance all in one platform.


BoVi CRM is not just a CRM; it’s a comprehensive tool designed to elevate how businesses interact and manage their customers. With its modern design, it not only gives a professional touch but also encapsulates features that propel business growth.

  • Project Management and Invoicing: Efficiently manage, invoice projects and link tasks to multiple BoVi CRM functionalities, ensuring a structured workflow.
  • Task Management: Assign multiple staff to tasks, with timers for each. Add non-project members as task followers, allowing them to track progress without direct project access.
  • Estimations and Invoices: Craft professional-looking estimates and invoices that reflect the quality of your business.
  • Support System: A robust ticketing system ensures timely issue tracking and resolution.
  • Lead Management: Keep all your leads organized. Easily drag and drop them through stages, auto-import from emails, and enhance sales with attractive proposals.
  • Expense Recording: Log company or project expenses, and bill them to customers with an auto-invoice feature.
  • Surveys and Goal Tracking: Increase customer retention with integrated surveys and keep an eye on sales targets using the Goals Tracking feature.
  • Announcements and Contracts: Keep your team and customers updated and lock in current and potential sales using the Contracts tool.
  • Custom Fields: Store additional information for leads, customers, and more.
  • Payments: Seamlessly receive payments via Paypal and Stripe in diverse currencies.
  • Branding and Styling: Align the CRM with your company’s branding using the advanced theme styling tool.
  • Media Organization: A dedicated media folder for non-admin staff members, ensuring organized file management.
  • Calendar and Notifications: Each staff member gets an aesthetically pleasing calendar based on permissions, and reminders via emails or in-app notifications.
  • And Much More: From follow-ups, reports, notes, files, and various other features, BoVi CRM is the comprehensive platform your business needs.

Customer satisfaction and retention are paramount, and BoVi CRM’s integrated ticket system, reminders, and more ensure you stay on top of it. Dive into BoVi CRM’s myriad of features, and experience firsthand how it can be the pivot to your business’s success.

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